Zobrist Cube 2015 Contest Rules

1. No purchase necessary.

2. The entry must solve the puzzle –abe+s from the second edition of the codebook page 45 (first
edition page 49) but the solution must hide the s piece. See complete puzzle details below, you
do not have to obtain the codebook, or even see the codebook.

3. The solution must be sent in paper or electronic form to one of the contact addresses given on
this web site.

4. The solution must be presented in the standard text scheme, as in the following example (this is
not the same puzzle, only an example of format)



5. Piece c must be rotated into its canonical position so that identical solutions submitted that vary
only by rotation will be removed. Here is the canonical position of piece c:


6. The first correct entry wins or divides the prize of $1000. Entries are timestamped by their electronic date
and time, or by 8:00 am on the postmark or estimated postmark date.

7. The contest and contest entry are void where prohibited. An entrant must meet any local age
limits for entry into a “no purchase necessary game of skill”.

8. Only one entry per person.

9. There may be multiple solutions. Multiple solutions will divide the prize according to the
following restrictions. At most one winner from each state, territory or possession of the
United States, or foreign country of the world. The foreign country must allow entry into the
contest and allow payment of the prize money. Each secondary winner’s solution must be
different from all earlier winning solutions. An exception will allow identical timestamps and
identical solutions to subdivide the share that would otherwise be awarded.

10. Employees of Zobrist Enterprises, Inc. and their friends and relatives are not eligible to enter the

11. Anyone can send an entry marked “honor roll listing only” to be listed on the web site as a
solver. Correct but non-winning solutions will also be listed. You can list your name for this
purpose or a “player name”.

12. The contest ends December 31 at midnight. Entries will be reviewed by January 31, 2016 and
prizes will be distributed in February 2016.

Puzzle Details for persons without a book or game set

The code –abe+s is a shorthand notation for 12 large pieces cdfghijklmno and the piece s. These pieces
are to be arranged into a cube of dimension 4 x 4 x 4. To make the puzzle quite a bit harder, the piece s
must be hidden in the inside of the cube so that none of its faces are visible from the outside of the
finished cube.

Here are pictures of the pieces necessary to solve the puzzle, plus some other pieces.


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