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About this project

Zobrist Cube is a redesign of the classic Soma puzzle that has fascinated puzzle enthusiasts for over 60 years. Where the Soma puzzle has 7 pieces, which presents a single challenge to the solver, Zobrist Cube expands to 33 pieces that present almost endless challenges. The pieces are lettered so that a puzzle can be described by a letter code in a very compact notation and compiled into a 52 page book containing over 20,000 codes. The set consists of 15 larger pieces that are colored red, blue and yellow, and 18 smaller pieces, two each of 9 shapes, colored green and beige. The duplication of the smaller pieces allow two people to challenge each other to a race to completion of two puzzles at the same time. The codes in the code book are arranged by difficulty so that players can play an even contest or handicap for parent-child contests.

The Zobrist Cube has become very popular with the game playing public!

Production and sales are increasing and a new edition of the game book started being distributed in March.


Zobrist Cube is a math and science enrichment tool that helps improve students develop spatial, logic and reasoning skills. This game has been so successful that one school has used a private donor grant to purchase multiple sets. This is just one example of the potential that this game has. As a result of this, we want to make this more accessible by giving schools a pair of Zobrist Cube sets as an educational aid for the classroom.


So this is where you come in! This campaign seeks to raise $3,000, which will allow us to send 200 games to 100 schools free of cost and shipping.

Schools must apply and the first 100 to properly apply will be chosen. The schools must use a school address for correspondence and delivery and the faculty member that is responsible for the new donation must be able to complete any school required donation paperwork.


The educational and cognitive development benefits of Zobrist Cube are endless, but here are some just to name a few:

  • Spatial Intelligence Augmentation
  • Conceptualizing Permutations
  • Learning a programmatic approach to problem solving
  • Improve memory

Rules to apply:

  • Only schools in the United States can apply
  • Target age group is Junior High School
  • The distribution of cubes will not happen if the $3,000 goal is not achieved

See for other conditions. As a kickstarter participant, you can suggest your favorite school to apply!

Apply for your school to get two Zobrist Cubes Here

Support the Zobrist Cube Kickstarter for Schools HERE

Risks and challenges

We have the resources to do both the campaign and the gift to schools by using the profits from the sales to fund the schools.

There is a risk that the sales will go well but not enough schools will respond. Once the Kickstarter goal is reached, distribution will begin to the schools in the order that application requests are received. We will distribute to schools for up to one year after the Kickstarter goal is reached. After three months, if 100 schools have not applied, we will try to publicize the availability of free games to schools.

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